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Innovative products

Drapes - Foliodrape®

Foliodrape Disposable Surgical Drapes provide effective draping solutions for all types of surgery, exceeding EN13795 standards and with a patented EAN traceability label. The choice of standard sets, single packed drapes and supplementary products ensures you can select the right product with suitable properties for every demand.

 Drapes - Foliodrape

Gowns - Foliodress®

Foliodress Disposable Surgical Gowns offer high quality protection exceeding EN13795 standards and with a patented EAN traceability label. Gowns are “peel and go” packed for easy handling and donning.

 Gowns - Foliodress

Surgical Masks - Foliodress®

Foliodress Surgical Masks are mouth and nose protection for operating room staff. They are available in different material compositions to meet the individual requirements of the wearing comfort. For single use in all surgical areas, as well as on isolation wards, in intensive care departments, delivery rooms, premature and newborn infant wards. Particularly with regard to the increasing threat of infectious diseases, particle filter masks are becoming more and more important. They protect both patients and users from potential germs.

 Surgical Masks - Foliodress

Theatre Headwear - Foliodress®

Foliodress Theatre Headwear protect patients from hair and skin particles. An extensive range of surgical caps includes various models suitable, for example, for persons with long or short hair or protective caps which also cover the neck area.

 Theatre Headwear - Foliodress