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Tips for treatment and care

Modern incontinence products provide high fluid absorption capacity with a smaller product volume  
Continence care products with highly absorbent synthetic granules can hold much more urine than cellulose products. In addition, they are more comfortable and discreet to wear than thick cellulose products.

The right product for every level of incontinence  
The use of several continence care products together does not improve the products’ leakage protection but often leads to pressure sores and skin irritation. Using just one continence care product at a time is sufficient for optimal protection.

Men are different - the range of male continence care products  
Due to the slightly different requirements men have to continence care products a special range of ‘male products’ has been developed.

Security and well-being through the right continence care  
Today people suffering from incontinence can choose from a wide range of absorbent continence care products in different absorbency levels. The products are designed to guarantee maximum leakage protection, skin protection and wearing comfort. In addition it is possible to adapt the continence care products to the individual needs of the person affected.

Skin care - incontinence can have deep impacts on the patients’ skin condition  
The skin is the largest organ of the human body, and consists of three interconnected layers, the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous layer. It protects us from external influences such as extreme temperature or trauma. The skin fulfils a variety of vital functions for the human body and therefore needs to be looked after carefully.