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Urinary incontinence: double padding is costly and can damage the skin

The use of several continence care products together does not improve the products’ leakage protection but often leads to pressure sores and skin irritation. Using just one continence care product at a time is sufficient for optimal protection.

Modern continence care products feature a three-part absorbent core which absorbs fluid rapidly and locks it away safely inside. The modern product range of continence care pads and briefs are designed to meet requirements of all degrees of incontinence. You will find a suitable product for every level of absorbency.

In practice however, the ‘double padding’ method is often used. This means that two absorbent products are combined and for example an all-in-one brief is used instead of a fixation pant as it is believed this will guarantee more security against leakage and will spare the patient the discomfort of a complete change of the absorbent product.

Double-padding is not only expensive but also not recommended for clinical reasons. It can cause pressure sores, heat rashes and skin irritation and should therefore be avoided.
As there is such a large selection of product types and absorbency levels, an accurate assessment and the choice of the correct pad or brief will guarantee the optimal continence care.